Mutual Mentoring

Mutual Mentoring: “Benefits to not only the person traditionally known as the mentee
but also the person traditionally known as the mentor.”

Sorcinelli M.D., Jun Y., Baldi B. (2016). Mutual Mentoring Guide. The Institute for Teaching Excellence &Faculty Development. Retrieved from

Through intervision sessions we create a network of mutual or reverse mentoring matching competences and questions on both sides.

Reverse mentoring was introduced by Jack Welsh who invited a young employee to help him improve his digital skills while he introduced him into the tacit knowledge of the company. General Electric, Procter&Gamble, Deutsche Telekom, Time Warner, Janssen Pharmaceutica are a few companies that adopted this method.

UCLL embraces this method to both share tacit knowledge about entrepreneurship and the Flemish/ Belgian society as well as insights in other models of entrepreneurship and interculturality.

You can join this mentoring network here